We are one of Colorado’s leading producers of high quality hemp extract. Our processing facility leads the industry in quality, safety, and consistency. Our partner farmers grow unique cultivars with some of the highest levels of cannabinoids available.

Our Colorado-grown flower is derived from the most consistently highest rated growers in the nation. Our hemp inputs yield the maximum terpene and cannabinoid content, all while keeping THC levels well under the 0.3% limit. All of our producers are certified by the Colorado Department of Agriculture.

about hemp extract
about hemp extract
about hemp extract

PhytoPure can deliver a range of extracts depending on individual applications. Whether you need crude oil, custom formulations, or isolate, we can accommodate most requests for hemp-derived products. PhytoPure develops a custom blend each client, ensuring the color, viscosity, potency, terpene-level, and aroma conform to each client’s unique needs.

Our small and dedicated staff can help you with R&D, offer advice, and re-formulate the content until satisfaction is met. We typically work with the client throughout the process, and can accommodate requests from startups to larger companies. We have the ability to carry out orders large or small.


PhytoPure processes raw hemp biomass into a full spectrum cannabinoid extract. CBD, in addition to other beneficial cannabinoids like CBN and CBG, are key non-psychoactive compounds found in the hemp plant; hemp being one of nature’s most sustainable and versatile raw materials used in hundreds of applications.

Unlike THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), CBD does not get the user “high,” as it binds to different brain receptors. The medicinal benefits of CBD are widespread: from curbing nausea and vomiting, relieving pain, reducing anxiety, to drastically reducing the frequency of seizures in children, they myriad benefits of the compound are immense.